News MOBA Overprime now called Paragon: The Overprime


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Mar 12, 2020
It's no secret I was a huge fan of Epic's MOBA Paragon which was shut down when Fortnite took off.

Since then, numerous development teams have tried to bring the game back to life, some with more success than others. One of the more successful has been Overprime which started out as a student project to revive Paragon. It's now a fully-fledged development team that has already run a couple of public tests.

Today they revealed that Epic has granted them permission to use the Paragon name. Now Overprime has been renamed to Paragon: The Overprime.

This is a real boost for the Overprime team as the name carries some weight with the loyal Paragon fanbase that felt so let down when Pargon was axed by Epic.

The announcement read as follows:

We have received official permission from Epic Games to use [PARAGON] as part of our new name. Therefore, we have decided to give the original [PARAGON] new life with [OVERPRIME] as [Paragon: The Overprime].

Overprime's official website, Steam, Discord, and various social media platforms will be changed following the name change. We are working hard to ensure that Prime's battlefields are worthy of the new [Paragon: The Overprime] name and its Warriors.